Picture This:

You're the proud owner of a thriving lipgloss business, watching as your products fly off the shelves and customers rave about your irresistible shades and luxurious formulas.


You're no longer just a beauty enthusiast with a passion for makeup; you're an accomplished entrepreneur, building your own empire in the exciting world of cosmetics.




How do you get from where you are now to that dream scenario?


Believe me, I was once in your shoes.


I couldn't wrap my head around all the fancy stuff, either.


But through trial and error, I managed to do it.


In just three years, I created a six-figure cosmetic brand,


And guess what? You can do it too!


None of this would have been possible without the support of my amazing customers.


So I wanted to give back to you.


I genuinely want you to thrive on your entrepreneurial journey, surpassing even my own success!


I want to show you how I made AromaBarBeauty into a 6-figure brand.


That's where my course, "How to Start Your Lipgloss Business," comes in.


My team and I crafted a program to give you the knowledge, guidance, and strategies to turn your passion into a profitable enterprise.


Imagine having a step-by-step blueprint that walks you through each phase of starting and growing your lip gloss brand.


And that’s not all!


That’s just a part of the course “How To Start a Lipgloss Business.”

Our course goes beyond the basic aspects of branding, packaging, and marketing.


You'll discover how to develop a

●     Strategic Plan to Pricing your Lipglosses

●     Eye-catching packaging that stands out on crowded shelves

●     And implement effective marketing strategies to attract and retain loyal customers


Oh, wait!


There is more.


We don't just provide you with theoretical knowledge.


This course is filled with practical exercises, like quizzes and assignments, so you are more confident implementing that knowledge in your business.


See what some action-takers who got my course have to say


"I just finished watching module 6, and I love how informative it is. It's very detailed and I absolutely love how there were examples provided and broken down. I also can appreciate how the customers are given information on omni profit margin calculator and how to use it as I never knew they had such a thing. The visuals in actually seeing how to do it and how it works is very good. Some people are better with seeing rather than being told and hearing it. I will definitely be using this calculator to double check if my price point that I already have is sufficient. I would like to thank aroma beauty bar for such an informative financial lesson in running a smooth business. We as small business owners don't always have a lot of knowledge on these sorts of things, some of us have the idea to start a business but lack some information on the proper pricing of products that are fair to both us as well as the customers. Again, I thank you so much for this course and I'm looking forward to module 7."


You know what?

I want to add your name to this list too!

How to start your lipgloss business course outline

Now that I've answered some of your burning questions, can you answer some mine?

Here we go


Are you ready to take action and work towards financial independence?


Are you ready to turn your passion into a business?


Are you ready to get the blueprint of what it took me 3 years to learn?


If you answered Yes to those questions, then you are only one step away from making that a reality.

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